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Shared Folder Tabs

Shared Folder Tabs in FocalScope allows administrators to create folder tabs for the workspace so users can better navigate to numerous shared folders, which could be better grouped under one tab. Think of a multinational corporation with ticketboxes or shared folders for sales, billing and support for many countries. Putting these respective ticketbox groups under one descriptive tab, will make navigation in your FocalScope environment much easier and more efficient.

In the Administration screen, expand the [Workflow Configurations] and click on the [Shared Folder Tabs] folder. Right click in the right hand pane and select [New...] to create a new shared folder tab.

In the "Tab Properties" popup that appears...

  1. Under the "General tab information" section, enter a suitable name and title for this tab. For this example, I'll use "Sales" and "Worldwide Sales Folders".
  2. Under the "Search conditions" section we will choose under which main folder group to search and which specific subfolders to include. Please note: To select the folders which will be grouped under this tab, you must click the "specified" link under the "Tab definition" section, after ticking the tickbox for [only specified folder(s)] in the "Sear conditions" section. Hold down "Ctrl" key, to make multiple selections in the "Select Folder" popup and click [OK] when done.
  3. Choose an icon for the tab from the drop down list under the "Tab appearance" section. This is purely for aesthetic reasons.

    Click [OK] on the "Tab Properties" page once your tab configuration is done.

Your new tab has been successfully created, you can now add more tabs if needed. Once you are done creating your tabs, please reload the UI by clicking the [Action] tab at the top of the interface and selecting [Reload UI] or press Ctrl+F8 keys.


In the Workspace screen, under the location box, you will see your newly created tab(s) appear. Simply click on one to instantly gain access to all the folders you added to the tab. This is neat and efficient and your users will appreciate having groups of folders/ticketboxes under quick access tabs, to make navigating to specific groups of folders/ticketboxes quicker. These tabs are accessible by every user in the system.

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