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Mobile Client settings and how they affect data sync

Several options are provided for users to customize their experience with the Mobile Client. Users can also control how much data they wish to synchronize to their mobile for offline access. This article details the various settings of the Mobile Client and the impact some of them have on data synchronization.



Accessing and configuring the Mobile Client settings

  1. In the [Home] page, tap the [Settings] button (see Figure 1)
  2. In the [Settings] page, tap the [UI Configuration] button (see Figure 2)
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Figure 1 - Home page

Figure 2 - Settings page

The following is a breakdown of the Mobile Client configuration settings as shown in Figure 3:

  1. Disable Animation - enables / disables the slide animation when transitioning between pages
  2. Disable Delete Confirmation - enables / disables the confirmation prompt that appears when deleting emails
  3. Disable Scroll Position - stores / erases the last position you scrolled to when browsing through list of emails
  4. Disable Notifications - enables / disables the push notifications sent from the FocalScope server to notify Mobile Client users of certain events (new emails / tickets, assignments, etc.)
  5. Default / iOS Theme - changes the user interface theme of the Mobile client to the default or iOS version. The default theme is the default on Android devices, while the iOS theme is the default on Apple devices
  6. Reset UI on restart - stores / eases the last position you were at in the Mobile Client interface before closing the Mobile Client
  7. Download body of emails during sync - enables / disables downloading of the emails body text during the data synchronization between the Mobile Client and the FocalScope server. Please note, only synced data can be viewed offline; thus, if you wish to read emails while having limited or no internet connection, enable this option

Figure 3 - Mobile Client configuration settings

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