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Recover Deleted Folders

With so many users in a system, sometimes accidents do happen or old information might be required once again. In FocalScope, deletion of folders or data is not a permanent thing, even administrators can't permanently delete folders, only the contained by using the Data Purging tool. This lesson will show you how to restore deliberately or accidentally deleted folders using the "Deleted folder recovery" tab.

In the Workspace screen, we will delete an important ticketbox, so it can be demonstrated how to restore it. In this example, the [2.7 Sales Denmark] ticketbox is deleted by right clicking the folder and selecting [Delete]. The confirmation dialog will appear, simply click [OK] to finally delete the folder (all subfolders contained within the folder will be deleted too).

Once deleted, the folder will disappear from the left hand pane. There is no way for the user who deleted the folder to restore it himself. He will need to contact an administrator to restore it from the Administration screen. See the next step to view that process.


In the Administration screen, select the 3rd tab in the administration pane. A list of folders will be displayed. Those which have a strikeout "------" are deleted folders, those without the strikeout are live folders, currently being used in the system.

Highlighted, we can see the folder that we just deleted. It has a strikeout on it to show it is a deleted folder, in the right hand pane we can see the subfolders under it, which were deleted as well. To restore this ticketbox and its subfolders, simply right click the folder and select [Restore].

Once the folder is restored, it will appear in the system as if it were never deleted. No permissions for the folder will be affected.

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