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How to switch a Gmail account from POP3 to IMAP

Switching Gmail account from POP3 to IMAP

  1. Change the account type.
    • Select "IMAP" in [Account type] and change the [Server name] to "", [Port] to "993" and check [Use secure connection].

  2. Uncheck [Remove copies older] if you wish store email on in Gmail.

  3. Check connection&password. To do this click on [Test] buttons in IMAP and in SMTP sections.

  1. IMPORTANT! Switch on [Advanced] tab, click on [Reset] button and close warning message about possible duplicates that appears after clicking. Then switch [State] to "Load most recent emails" and set [Number of emails] to desired amount (default 50 emails is probably good enough)

  1. Click on [Save] to store changed configuration and reschedule account.

Also we recommend to turn on email duplication suppression to hide redownloaded email from the step 4. To do this you should have admin rights in FocalScope. Please switch into Administration screen, select [Global Configuration]->[Email&ticket parameters] in the tree, switch to [Email Processing] tab and switch [Email duplicates] to [Hide] for example.

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