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Embed a survey link into a Standard Response

In order for customers to fill out a survey form, they must have access to the applicable survey form stored in FocalScope. The survey form is accessed via an HTML link, which is set up during the survey group configuration. This article details how the survey link is embedded into a Standard Response as well as how the survey link category index is set.


How to set up a survey form for automatic dispatch


Embedding the survey link into a Standard Response

By having a Standard Response with a link embedded to the online survey form, the dispatch of the survey can be automated to occur on certain actions agents take--like closing the customer's / client's ticket. Create a Standard Response with the following additions:

  1. Insert a link to the survey by clicking [Insert > Survey link] 
  2. In the [Survey link wizard]
    1. Select the [use specific group name] option
      1. Please note: If you wish to determine the survey group name from a category assigned to the ticket, select the [derive group name from ticket category value] option
      2. Set the [Category index] so that it aligns with the ticket category you want to derive the survey group name from
    2. In the [Pick a group] dropdown, select the survey group you created earlier
    3. In the [Link text] field, give the link a descriptive name
    4. Tick the remaining two flags to [link to the ticket] and [create a pending request in the survey history]
    5. Click [Ok] to add the link to the Standard Response
  3. Save the Standard Response

Please note: For more information about the survey history record, see this article.

Figure 1 - Adding a link to the online survey form

Figure 2 - Setting the 'Category index' to match the desired ticket category

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How to set up a survey form for automatic dispatch

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