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How to use full-text search Email Processing Rules

Email Processing Rules have been extended with full-text search options for the message body and subject. This article focuses on the specifics of how full-text search rules work, are configured, and the special considerations that arise when they are deployed.



Using full-text search rules

Full-text search rules use queries to process far more complex word and / or phrase searches in emails than is otherwise possible with regular keywords and substrings, as used by other Email Processing Rules. To configure a query for a full-text search rule, do as follows:

  1. Activate one of the full-text search rules and click the [query] link (highlighted in blue)
  2. In the [FTS query] pop up, formulate your query as per the official Microsoft® documentation: Transact-SQL
  3. Set whatever actions you want the rule to effect on messages
  4. Click [Ok] to save and activate the new rule. Please noteWhen a full-text search rule acts on a message, it is recorded in the action history log (see Figure 3)

Figure 1 - Full-text search rule query example

Special consideration when using full-text search rules

When full-text search rules are decommissioned, they should not be deleted, but deactivated. This is to retain the full-text search rule actions recorded in the action history log (how to open the access history log) of tickets. To deactivate a full-text search rule, do as follows:

  1. Check the [On?] column to confirm that the rule is currently active on your system
  2. Right-click the rule and select [Properties] 
  3. Untick the [Turn on] flag
  4. Click [Ok] to disable the rule. Your action history will now retain the actions of this rule, without the rule being active in your system anymore (see Figure 3)

Figure 2 - Properly decommissioning a full-text search rule

Figure 3 - Full-text rule actions recorded in the action history log

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