Create or Edit Email Messages
Saturday, October 15, 2016 10:44 PM

Creating and editing e-mail messages in FocalScope, is as intuitive as in most commercial e-mail applications, though we have included some of our own unique features to make sure you get e-mails composed and sent quicker than ever before.


To compose a new message, click on [New] from the main toolbar to open the message editor.

The Message Editor


The "New Message" windows appears. Compose your messages in the text editor provided. Each step of the process is detailed below.

Please note: The [To:], [Cc:] and [Subject:] fields are considered self explanatory...

Insert Attachments


  1. From Filesystem - Attaching files/documents from your computer.
  2. From Document Center - Attaching documents from the [Shared Documents] folder inside FocalScope. Learn how to create shared documents in FocalScope by viewing the lesson Document Center.

Insert Signatures


In the message editor, click [Insert] > [Signature...], a "Select Signature" dialog will appear as shown next .


Signatures that you created in the [Signature] folders, are listed in this web dialog. Select the signature you wish to attach to your message and click the [Ok] button. See the lesson Manage Signatures to learn to create your own signatures.

Insert Standard Responses


Standard Responses can be inserted from the [Response:] field dropdown in the message editor (as shown above). Stored responses are listed based on their subject names. View the lesson Manage Standard Responses to learn about more about standard responses.


Once selected, the details of the stored response will be populated to the current message editor.