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Configuring the spellchecker in the Thick Client

This article details how to set the default spellchecker language in the Thick Client as well as how to temporarily set the spellchecker to a different language for single emails.



Setting the default spellchecker language

  1. In the [Main menu], click [Configuration > Personal Settings]
  2. In the [Personal profile configuration] window, select the default spellchecker language from the [Language] drop-down list
  3. Click [Ok] to save changes
  4. Continued in next section...

Figure 1 - Setting the default spellchecker language

Temporarily changing the spellchecker language

  1. Right-click anywhere in the body of a new message
  2. In the context menu, navigate to [Languages > 'Language']Please note: Whatever language you select will only be used by the spellchecker until the new message is sent or the email editor window closed

Figure 2 - Temporarily changing spellchecker language

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