FocalScope for Logistics

Dispatch customer service on-time, in-full

For logistics companies, any missed call or email could mean lost opportunities. With FocalScope, coordinating logistics services across supply chains becomes smoother, more efficient and more responsive to the needs of customers, partners and internal teams.

Multi-site deployment with uncompromising support

Seamless service across channels and locations

Tackling customer support across offices, warehouses, fulfilment centers and transport with ease. Regardless of the location, FocalScope connects all agents working from the office, from home, or on the go, to your support channels, allowing you to serve customers quickly and consistently.

Deploy support teams in any location with flexible implementation options: cloud, on-premises or hybrid. Monitor and control local systems with centralised management.

Boost response and handling times

Expedite time-sensitive deliveries and tasks

Automatically triage thousands of requests across different channels, making sure that no customer request is left unattended. Save time on manual sorting work and focus on serving customers.

Leverage intelligent routing to set operating hours and shift timings, assigning tasks only to available agents. When the first shift is over, any incoming request automatically goes to the next group of agents. Beyond business hours, route tasks to standby teams or mobile numbers, ensuring that urgent customers requests are always quickly responded to. 

With routing, you can create unlimited workflows based on multi-layered logic, such as priority, agents’ skill, SLAs, and much more. 

Bring accountability to shared mailboxes

Make working hard feel like hardly working

When a new request is received, agents can immediately see who’s assigned, deadlines and ticket logs. Once an agent starts responding to a ticket, it remains locked to prevent duplicate work. Enhanced transparency shows everyone exactly what needs to be completed, enabling clear ownership of every task.

Internal notes, call dispositions, and the customer card facilitate seamless shift handovers. Agents across different shifts or locations have all the details they need to deliver continued and personalised support, without leaving customers hanging on till the next day. 

Provide real-time delivery updates

Schedule follow-up reminders on emails to give customers periodic shipping updates. Offer proactive support and keep customers in the loop so they feel well taken care of.

Live dashboards and reporting

Drive improvements with rich operational data

With so many moving pieces, logistics businesses can rely on live dashboards and reporting features to understand how they’re doing on the customer front. 

Generate reports automatically using over 70 built-in Excel report templates, including handling time, missed calls, customer CSAT and/or NPS ratings, SLA compliance, individual agent performance and much more.

Accurate data allows managers to identify issues and make changes quickly. Examine historical data to spot macro trends, drive targeted service improvements, and share with stakeholders.

Build a unified communications hub

Speed up your customer service, and increase customer satisfaction on every channel.

Email ticketing

Handle millions of emails accurately and efficiently every day.


Flexible and scalable telephony system for big and small businesses.

Live chat and bots

Interact with website visitors in real time and boost conversion.

Social media

Message customers via SMS, Telegram, WhatsApp, Facebook.

Knowledge base

Help customers help themselves with FAQs and support articles.

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