Idle Detection
Friday, November 25, 2016 4:06 AM

In the Administration screen, expand the [Global Configuration] node, expand the [Thin Client & Accelerators] node & click the [Idle detection] folder. The settings are on the right hand pane.

  1. [Enable for Jabber] ticking this flag will allow idle detection for Jabber. Please note: This only works when using the Thin Client.
  2. [Set idle after:] sets the idle detection timer (in minutes). If this amount of time expires and there is no activity from users logged onto FocalScope, a message will display under the inactive user's name.
  3. [Idle message:] = the message displayed under an inactive user's name.
  4. [Save] applies any changes made, whereas [Reload] will undo unsaved changes made.


In Jabber we can see an agent on whom the inactivity timer has expired. The message we entered in "Idle detection" is displayed under his name and his status set to (Not available).