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Global Hot Keys

Global hot keys, in FocalScope, allow you to specify customized key combination for doing certain tasks or activating certain tools in FocalScope. From creating new e-mails to opening links with a few key combinations, you have a list of functions and tools you can create hot key combinations for. 2 things are important to note about Global Hot keys. 1 They are not only centric to your FocalScope environment. They are usable in Windows and other applications, provided your FocalScope thin client is up and you are logged in. 2 they only work in the FocalScope Thin Client, not in the browser logon.

In the Administration screen, expand the [Global Configuration] node, expand the [Thin Client & Accelerators] node & click the [Global hot keys] folder. In the right hand pane click [New]. You are presented with a popup called "Shortcut - Properties".


[Shortcut:] Press any key in the field and a list of combinations (ones already used in FocalScope are omitted) of function keys + the number or letter you entered, will display. Now click on the combination of keys you want for your hot key.


[Command:] Click the arrow to see a drop down list of the commands you can assign, with this hot key combination you just chose. Select [New e-mail] for this demonstration.


Click [OK] to create your new hot key combination.


We get a popup that tells us to reload the UI. Do this according to the instructions here or press Ctrl+F8. It's time to test our new hot key.

Once we've reloaded the interface as instructed, our hot key combination is ready to test. It is important to note the Global nature of hot keys, we can have MS Word open and FocalScope minimized to the system tray and even with MS Word being the active application, pressing Ctrl+Shift+a launches a new e-mail creation popup, just as we configured the hot key to do in FocalScope. This means you can be anywhere in your OS or Applications and instantly call up FocalScope features which you've mapped to hot keys.

You can now set up additional hot key combinations to activate any or all of the remaining commands. It is just as easy for the other commands as it was for this one.

Of note is the "URL Launcher" command. I've setup a new hot key and it will be used to rapidly translate text for me. This works by launching the Google translator link with the hot key, but at the same time using data in the clipboard, by means of the %CLIPBOARD% placeholder, to associate it with the launched URL. So effectively this hot key will do 2 things, namely, open the URL to Google translator and paste anything I highlighted and copied into the clipboard (say an e-mail in a foreign language) and paste it into the link for me so it is translated when the URL opens.


Once you've created your hot keys, you can view them in the list. It will show the key combination for the shortcut RED, the command activated BLUE and in case of the URL launcher command, the URL to be opened when pressing the hot key combination GREEN. You may choose to edit existing hot keys, by selecting the one you wish to edit and clicking [Edit], which gives you the same options as when you created the hot key. Should you no longer desire to use a hot key, simply select the one you wish to discard and click [Delete]. Remember to reload the UI after making changes on this screen.

Lastly, These hot keys combinations are set by an administrator and are Globally enforced in your FocalScope environment, but users can set their own hot keys by navigating to [Configuration], [Personal Settings] and on the popup that appears, selecting the [Hot keys] tab.

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