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Spam filter in FocalScope

     Marking an email as SPAM

  1. Right click on the email that needs to be marked as Spam
  2. Chose the Spam Option
  3. Confirm that the email marked as Spam is really a Spam.
  4. The email will dissapear from the folder where was sent to and can be found in the spam folder near the deleted one.

Figure 1 - Marking an email as Spam

Figure 2- Confirm the email is a spam

Figure 3 - The email will change location to Spam Folder

   Undo Spam emails

  1. Click right the email you want to unmark as Spam in the Spam folder.
  2. Select Not Spam option to unmark the email as Spam.
  3. Information regarding how the email became spam can be found by choosing Who did this? option

Figure 4 - Unmarking emails as Spam

   Managing spam list

   The list of emails considered spam by the system can be found following Administration Screen>Global Configuration>E-mail Processing Rules>Built-in(Spam etc.)>Global as a Message processing rule that puts email address on the black list.

Figure 5 – List of senders

      By clicking on the actual list of emails that are considered spam you get the below screen from where the spam list can be managed by deleting the email addresses that were wrongly marked as spam or adding manually email addresses.

Figure 6 – Spam addresses

Manage users that have permission to mark as Spam.

  1. Go to FocalScope administration module.
  2. Select which users that have permission to mark email as Spam.

Figure 7 – Select which users that can mark as Spam

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