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Import data from LDAP into personal or shared folders

You can import your company's personnel directory and address book from your LDAP server into FocalScope. You can then update and maintain this information in FocalScope by synchronizing with the central database stored on your LDAP server.

The LDAP user account import process proves supremely efficient during the FocalScope deployment phase as your company's entire personnel directory can be recreated in FocalScope. For more information on importing user accounts from your LDAP server into FocalScope, please see the article How to import LDAP user accounts into FocalScope.

The rest of this article will detail how you import and synchronize data from your LDAP server to FocalScope.


Follow these steps to import your company address book into FocalScope from your LDAP server:

  1. Right click a shared Contacts folder in FocalScope and select [Properties]
  2. Select the [General] tab and under the section [LDAP synchronization] do the following:
    1. In the [LDAP query] field, enter the LDAP server's name, IP address or a full LDAP query, e.g., LDAP://,OU=Users,OU=MyBusiness,DC=workgroup,DC=local
    2. In the [User] field, enter the username of an LDAP account that has sufficient privileges to execute the corresponding LDAP query. The domain needs to be prefixed to the username, e.g., Workgroup\Username
    3. In the [Password] field, enter the password of the associated LDAP account that you wish to synchronize with
  3. Click [Ok] to save the LDAP parameters for this folder

Figure 1 - Configuring LDAP synchronization

To initiate the synchronization process, do the following:

  • In the [Main Menu], click [Action > Synchronize with LDAP]

Once the synchronization process has finished, the user data will be available in the designated FocalScope folder(s).

Please note, the synchronization process needs to be performed again if the data on the LDAP server changes and needs to be updated in FocalScope.

Figure 2 - Business address book synchronization

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