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Configure a Dedicated SQL Server

If your system/server already has a SQL Server 2008 installation and you do not wish to integrate FocalScope with your existing SQL server instance, then this guide will help you to properly set-up and configure a new and dedicated SQL server instance, for use with FocalScope.

Creating a Dedicated SQL Server Instance for FocalScope on an Existing SQL Installation


FocalScope requires an existing SQL server instance to connect to and Full-Text Search to be enabled on the instance. If your current SQL server instance is in use or you do not wish to have FocalScope connect to it, please create a new instance by launching the "SQL 2008 R2 installation package".

When presented with the "SQL Server Installation Center" screen,, select [Installation] -> [New installation or add features to an existing installation] to continue to the configuration process.

The "SQL Server 2008 R2 Setup" screen will open separately. Click the [New installation or add shared features] radio button and click [Next].

Ensure that the [Full-Text Search] feature flag is ticked (FocalScope depends on this feature for its functionality). Click [Next] to continue.

Enter a unique name for the [Named instance:] field. Set an install directory as per your requirements or leave the default path and click [Next] to continue.

Please note: Be sure to record the SQL server instance name (in this case "SQL2008R2") as you will need to provide this name later during FocalScope's configuration & installation.

Set all your services startup type to Automatic (where changeable). Click [Next] to continue.

There must be a security account (either SQL account or Windows) configured, to connect FocalScope with the SQL server instance. When setting up a dedicated SQL server instance for FocalScope, it is highly recommended that you use [Windows authentication mode].

The Windows account must exist on both the FocalScope and the SQL server computers or be a Windows domain account. On the FocalScope computer the account must have "Logon as a service" rights. See the lesson Windows Account to accurately configure the Windows account.

Alternatively you can use the SQL "sa" (system administrator) account in Mixed mode. This is not recommended as SQL account names and passwords are stored in clear text and a security risk. If you must use the "sa" account, select [Mixed mode] and enter the "sa" account password you want to use.

Click [Next] to continue.

[Install the native mode default configuration] is highly recommended. Click [Next] to continue. The SQL server 2008 installation will complete as per the configuration we have set in the preceding steps.

You have now successfully configured a dedicated SQL server instance for use with FocalScope.

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