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Shared Email Accounts

For a newly created ticketbox, we need to add an e-mail account to associate with the ticketbox. This e-mail account will be used to send and receive e-mails meant for this ticketbox.

Add a Ticketbox Email Account

Click the administration tab in the lower left corner of the left pane, in the administration screen.

Expand the [E-mail Accounts] node and click on the [Dedicated to a ticketbox] folder. Existing ticketbox e-mail accounts will be displayed in the right pane.

In the right pane, right click and select [New...].

Fill in the required information to create a new ticketbox e-mail account in FocalScope. Complete each e-mail setting/field as follows:

  1. Key in the e-mail address for this ticketbox in the first field.
  2. Key in the ticketbox name for in the “Display Name” field.
  3. Check the [Schedule this account to check new emails automatically] flag and set [Check every:] "1 min”.
  4. Key in mail server IP address or FQDN in the “Server name(address)” field under incoming server (leave port 110 unchanged).
  5. Key in the username and password. The e-mail account must be created on your E-mail Server in order to access it in FocalScope.
  6. Key in mail server IP address or FQDN for the outgoing server, this is the same as the incoming server.
  7. In the [Log on to outgoing server as:] dropdown field, select [Same as onto the incoming server].

Link e-mail to Ticketbox

  1. Click the [Ticketboxes] tab.
  2. Click the [Add] button to make a selection from the existing ticketboxes. If you do not have an existing ticketbox to link this e-mail account to, see the lesson Adding a New Ticketbox to learn how to create one.
  3. A popup with a list of existing ticketboxes, in the system, will appear. Click on one of the folders and click [OK] to add it. Multiple ticketboxes may be added and linked to this e-mail address, repeat this step to add another ticketbox to this e-mail.

Once you have configured the e-mail account and added ticketbox(es) to it, click [OK] to finish setup.

To confirm you have completed this process correctly, go to the User Workspace by clicking on the [Screen] tab and selecting [Workspace], then click on the ticketbox for which you have just set-up a dedicated e-mail account.

Right click anywhere on the right pane, then select [New...] to create a new message. A new message editor appears as shown. The [From] field should show the e-mail account which is associated with this ticketbox.

Delete an E-mail Account

Deleting an e-mail account will not delete e-mails that are already downloaded into FocalScope, however a user will no longer be able to send or receive e-mails via that e-mail account, inside FocalScope.

In the right pane, select the e-mail account to delete. Right click, and choose [Delete].

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