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How to limit which IP addresses can access FocalScope

FocalScope uses the industry-standard protocol IPSec to secure and limit access to agents logging in from various locations. This article details how to restrict user login to only approved IP addresses.


Setting up a user account in FocalScope


Blocking / allowing access to certain IP addresses.

  1. In the [main menu], select [Screen > Administrator]
  2. Click the [Administration] tab
  3. Navigate to the [User Access Control > Users] folder
  4. Double-click the agent account where you wish to configure IPSec
  5. In the [User properties] window, click the [IPSec] tab
  6. Tick / untick the [Allow access to unlisted UP addresses] flag depending on if you want to allow or block user access from unlisted IP addresses (unlisted here means any IP address not explicitly 'allowed')
  7. In the [Allow access...] list, specify the IP address(es) from which the agent may access your FocalScope instance
  8. In the [Block access...] list, specify the IP address(es) from which the agent may NOT access your FocalScope instance
  9. Click [Ok] to save changes

Figure 1 - Configuring IPSec for a FocalScope user

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Setting up a user account in FocalScope

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