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User Groups

User Groups grant certain permissions to all users contained within them. Users are assigned to security groups and then inherit the appropriate permissions to specific resources (such as Agent Views & ticketboxes). This simplifies administration by allowing you to assign permissions once, to the security group, instead of multiple times to individual users.

In the left pane of the Administration Screen, expand the [User Access Control] node and click the [Security Groups] folder. A list of existing security groups will be shown in the right pane. Right click anywhere on the right pane and select [New...].

The "Security Group Properties" popup opens and allows you to add existing user to this newly created group. Fill in the security group details and then click the [Add] button.


The "Select User(s)" dialog appears after clicking [Add] in the previous step. Existing users within the system are listed here. Select multiple users by holding the Ctrl key and clicking on the users you want to add. You may also type a name in the search field to filter out a particular user you wish to add. Click [Ok] once you are done.


Selected members are now shown in the "Group members" list. You may remove any user by selecting the user you wish to remove and clicking the [Remove] button. To add more users click on [Add] button again. Once you are done, click [OK] to create the New Security Group with the contained users.


You should now see the newly created security group listed in the right pane of the "Security Groups" folder. To learn how security groups can be assigned permissions for specific resource folders, please view the lesson Assign Permissions to Ticketboxes.

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