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"Password Incorrect"

Error Message

When attempting to login or making IDD calls, user is prompted "Please enter password followed by the # key" but entering password result with "Password Incorrect"


User do not have/forgot the password.


Usually an internal contact person handles IDD Pin management. Ask the to approach the internal contact persion to retrieve/reset their PIN.

Administrator can also access this page to verify that the password attempt matches Logon PIN or IDD password:

Support Escalation 

When escalating to Administrator/Support Team, please provide the details below:

Users with no access to Focalscope


Error Message: Password Incorrect

Date of call: 

Time of call:

Ext attempted the call:

Number Dialed:

For Login

Error Message: Password Incorrect

Date of login: 

Time of login:

Device ID: 

Ext attempted to login to:

Users with access to Focalscope

Simply provide the Call ID of the attempt.

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