Supercharge your online presence with live chat 

Meet customers virtually as they browse your website, when they are most engaged. Boost conversion rates and generate leads quickly with virtual conversations. Leverage chatbots for frequently asked questions and provide 24/7 support.

Drive customer engagement with live chat and chatbots

Increase sales

Answer questions, share promos, upsell your products.


Save time

Use chatbots to eliminate repetitive manual work.

Improve satisfaction

Have pleasant conversations and resolve issues quickly.

Boost productivity

One agent can handle multiple live chats simultaneously.

FocalScope makes live chat easy and enjoyable

Proactive live chat

Configure live chat widget to pop-up proactively as visitors browse your site.

Transferable sessions

Transfer or escalate chat sessions to other teams and departments with ease.

Canned responses

Create your own canned messages for the most commonly used responses.

Unlimited widgets

FocalScope supports unlimited widgets across all your websites and brands.

Download chat transcripts

All sessions are automatically recorded and stored in FocalScope.

Fully customisable

Tailor widget to your preferences or use our existing templates.

Self-learning chatbots

Use chatbots as your frontline helpers for basic topics, and direct customers to support articles in your knowledge base. When needed, the bot can transfer chat sessions to a human agent. Provide 24/7 support when agents are busy, or after office hours.

Universal customer card

View customer information, prior interactions and internal notes. Combine with integrations for deeper references such as past orders and total spend. It won’t matter who is assigned, because your entire support team will have the context before responding.

Shift summary (Night)

Active live chat sessions

Missed live chat sessions

Average handling time (mins)


SLA compliance

How it works

Add live chat widgets to all your websites, across brands and locations, quickly and easily.


Get started

Customise the live chat widget according to your preferences and business needs.

Insert script

Copy and paste the script into your website’s html code, on pages you want it to appear on.


Get chit chattin'

Start conversing with your website visitors. Make the most of our live chat features (below).

With live chat, we feel there is the added human touch where our customers can easily get in touch with our staff to address their needs.

Chris H.
Director, Andlight

Our winning live chat features

With new features added every month, FocalScope does more work so you can do less.


Chatbots answer basic FAQs, share support articles in your knowledge base, and transfer to agents when necessary. They provide support when agents are occupied, and outside of your business hours.


Proactive live chat

Enables the live chat widget to pop-up proactively as visitors are browsing your site. Offer support, share promotions and recommend products on your site. 


Transferable sessions

Transfer or escalate chat sessions to other teams when needed, so customers can always get the help they need quickly.

Input operating hours

Set your office hours, so your chat widget goes into offline mode when no one is available. During this time, use chatbots to serve customers or let customer fill in a contact form. 

Agents at full capacity

Trigger offline mode when agent capacity is full to limit customers’ wait time. Display offline mode, leave a contact form, or hide the chat widget entirely. 

Agent online status

Agent availability status is visible across all channels. Supervisors can shift agents between live chat and other channels to balance the workload as required.


Auto-translate language

Users can type messages in their native language, and have it automatically translated to the customers’ preferred language with one click. 


Customer file upload

FocalScope live chat allows your customers to send you files such as screenshots and payment receipts.


Create follow-up tickets

For more complex issues that can’t be resolved in a single live chat session, users can create follow-up tickets for further action or updates via email. 

Chat history

Chat transcripts are automatically recorded and stored in FocalScope under each customer card. A copy of the transcript can be emailed to customers easily. 


Canned responses

Create message templates for the most commonly used answers. This way, agents can pick and choose from a list instead of typing out the same response each time.



Keep your customers informed with automatic responses and queue status while they wait for the next available agent.

Categorise chats

Tag sessions with labels. Get an overview on common topics your customers are interested in, and run analytics for deeper insights. 

Fully customisable

Tailor widget according to your business needs. Adjust colours to match your brand. Customise forms and collect information you need from customers.   

Unlimited widgets

Connect as many widgets as you need. Useful for contact centers serving various customers, or for companies with multiple websites. 

Web forms

Embed webforms on your website for lead generation or newsletter mailing lists. Set the timing in which the webform will pop-up on visitors’ screens. 

Agent display photo

Upload user display images and increase the personal touch to your messages. Enable customers to put a face to your customer support. 

Mobile friendly

Supported on iOS and Android. 

Chat routing

FocalScope enables automatic routing of live chat sessions to the right teams and agents based on availability and skills.

Measure SLA

Define SLAs policies based on your customers. Configure alerts so FocalScope will warn you ahead of time, and ensure your SLAs are always met. Measure performance for reporting.


Customise Excel-based reports according to your business needs. Measure statistics such as chat traffic, average handling time, wait time and agent performance etc.


Customise your dashboard using pre-built templates. Get real-time insights on your team’s performance using live data. Manage your team remotely with ease.

Customer card

Information on your customer such as contact details, prior interactions and internal notes. FocalScope can also pull additional information from your CRM or ERP systems via integrations.


Connect your favorite business apps like Shopify, Magento 2 etc. Display relevant customer data like open orders and shipments status within FocalScope live chat session.

Ready when you are

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