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How to persistently store data in live reports

FocalScope live reports dynamically fetch data stored in FocalScope and then represents it in the live Excel report file. This dynamically fetched data can be saved as static data, thereby turning the live report into a raw report. This article details how to save the dynamic data in a live report as static data.


The difference between raw and live reports in FocalScope


Blocking off the data stream in a live report

Please note, only block off the data stream once the report has finished loading its data.

  1. Click the [Data] tab, then click [Connections] in the banner
  2. In the [Workbook Connections] pop up, select the [RawData] entry and click [Properties]
  3. In the [Connection Properties] pop up, untick the [Refresh data when...] flag
  4. Click [OK] to save changes


Figure 1 - Disabling auto-refresh in live reports

Optionally, delete the live report's [Data URL], found under the [General] worksheet and ignore any warnings or errors Excel gives.

Figure 2 - Deleting the Data URL in live reports

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The difference between raw and live reports in FocalScope

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