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Dial Scripts

Call Flow - Dial Scripts

To modify or create new Dial Script, go to Dial Script in the telephony Menu.

Double click on an existing script to modify or press the new button at the top left of the screen to create a new script.

Both creating new and editing will open a popup screen. There are a few fields to fill in.

Name: Name Of Dial Script

Descriptions: Optional Information of Dial script to provide more information about the dial script.

Please see below for all available script options.

Dial: Dial an agent or a group of agent. Agent or Group need to be pre-configured.

Email: Choose an email template to perform. Email Templates need to be pre-configured.

Hangup: End the call.

IVR: Send the call to specified IVR. IVR need to be pre-configured.

Outbound Queue: Set the destination for outbound queue. This is usually used for scripts created to be used in Routing – Outgoing,

Playback: Plays an uploaded message or recording. Sound file need to be pre-uploaded.

Queue: Send the call to a queue. Queue need to be pre-configured.

Repeat: Repeats the dial script or IVR from the start.

Run Script: Runs a dial script. Dial script needs to be pre-configured.

Set Caller ID: For incoming calls, Change the Caller ID to display on the SIP phone display. For outgoing calls, will set the callerID assigned by the telco.

Set Language: Currently under development. Not available for use yet. Select a language and recordings associated to the language will be played. If not selected, default English language will be selected. Sound file need to be pre-uploaded.

Set music on hold: Set the music on hold message to be played when the phone rings or when the internal puts the external party on hold. Sound file need to be pre-configured.

Set popup: Specify which popup to activate and display in Focalscope when the call is answered by the agent. Popup form need to be pre-configured.

Set URL to open: Specify an external URL to popup when the call is answered by the agent.

Syscall: To call system related function using placeholders. Do not use unless you know what you are doing.

Voicemail: Set the destination to send the voicemail to. Voicemail box need to be pre-configured.

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