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How to download a live report

FocalScope use of live Excel reports allows exceptional customization of the report data in FocalScope. This article details how to correctly download a live Excel report for immediate use or further customization in Excel.

Please note: For a video tutorial of the steps in this article, download and play the the attached video How to download a live report.mp4.


Using custom excel templates with live reports


Downloading a live report

  1. In the [Workspace] screen, navigate to the [Shared Items > Shared reports] folder
  2. Click the [Reports] tab (highlighted in red)
  3. If you don't have an existing report configured, create one as demonstrated in this article: How to configure and schedule a report
  4. Click the [Generate] button (highlighted in red) to generate the report and bring up the report download options
  5. Click the [Live Excel] button and download the default report by clicking the [Download Report]button (highlighted in red). Please note, this default report should be used to construct your custom Excel template that will later be uploaded to the report to be used as an optional export template
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Figure 1 - Generating and downloading a live report

  1. When the [File Download] window appears, click [Save] and save the live report to your desktop. Please note, Excel will block data connections and not save any changes made to the report if it is directly [Opened] when downloaded. Raw reports can be opened, edited, and saved this way, but not live report (this is as per Excel design)
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Figure 2 - Saving the live report to your system

  1. When you initially open the live report, Excel may present you with two warnings:
    • Security Warning Data connections have been disabled - click [Enable Content] 
    • Protected View This file originated from an Internet location and might be unsafe - click [Enable Editing] 
  2. Proceed to customise the live report to your needs. All changes will be saved correctly

    Figure 3 - Enabling data connections / content editing

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