Windows Account
Friday, October 21, 2016 6:19 AM

Because SQL security account login details are stored in clear text and thus a security risk, we recommend logging into your SQL instance with a Windows account. This lesson will show you how to properly configure a Windows account, to allow FocalScope to authenticate with a SQL server instance.

It is important to note, when using a Windows account for FocalScope to login to the SQL server instance, the Windows account (on the machine where FocalScope is installed), must have "Logon as a service" rights enabled.

To enable this please go to Windows [Control Panel] -> [System and Security] -> [Administrative Tools] and double click on the setting [Local Security Policy].

In the "Local Security Policy" window, expand the [Local Policies] node, click on the [User Rights Assignment] folder and double click [Log on as a Service]. The "Log on as a service Properties" page will open. Click on the [Add User or Group] button.


The "Select Users or Groups" page opens, enter the name of the account you will use to log into the SQL server instance and click [OK].


The account will be added to the list and inherit the "Log on as service" right. You are done configuring the Windows account. Be sure to specify this account for login to the SQL server instance, when configuring the FocalScope instance.