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Inquiry Form Pop-up

Figure 1. Inquiry Form Pop-up

If inquiry form pop-up is set and enabled, it will show on the screen when the agent pick up the call. You can select a form if multiple form is available.

Figure 2. Call Detail

Click the detail button on the top right of the screen to see more information regarding the call. You may download the call recording or open the dial log.

Adding Caller to Contact List

You can add the caller to your contact list if it doesn't exist yet. From the contact section, (top left of the form) click on the [ + ]  button..

Select from the Shared Contacts folder where you want to save the contact.

Update the contact information as required and save.

Creating the Ticket from pop-up form

Searching for existing  related ticket.

You can search for existing ticket related to the call by clicking search button (refer above figure).

FocalScope will check and show possible relevant ticket.  Select the ticket to associate the call and click  [OK]. 

Creating a new ticket

If you like to create a new ticket, click on the [ + ] button.

Select which Ticket folder you want to save and you may also assign it to an agent. Click [ Post to folder ] button to create the ticket.

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