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Categories are extra "labels" which can be added to e-mails or tickets to tag them for data extraction later in reports from the Report Center. You can label messages based on any number of criteria you desire. Simply create your categories/sub-categories and their values, then assign them to messages as needed.


In the Administration screen, expand the [Workspace Configuration] node and select [Categories]. In the right hand pane right click and select [New Top Category...].


  1. Under the "General Properties" section, [Belongs to:] needs only be assigned if this were a sub category, as this is a top category, we leave it blank. [Name] can be anything that best describes the category you wish to create.
  2. Under the "Values for the category" we can set the tagging values for messages. Optionally you could use subcategories and their values, if another tier is needed. To add values simply click the green [+] button right of the entry field and to delete an entry, click the black [X].

When done setting up your category, click [OK].

If your category needed the creation of a subcategory, you can add it now by right clicking your created top category, and selecting [New subcategory...]. A new popup will appear for the subcategory's configuration.

  1. The [Belongs to:] field will automatically be filled in as this subcategory was created under the top category.
  2. The remaining sections are completed accordingly, as we did during the creation of the top category.

Click [OK] when you are done.

Categorizing Tickets

Looking at a message which we want to label with a category, we simply right click the message and select [Categories...].


Set the categorical labels as required and click [OK]. For this demonstration we will assume the billing complaint message has been resolved and satisfactorily so.


We can now see our message has a new icon showing it has been categorized. We can now locate it and other categorized messages in the Reports Center.

Enforcing Categorization


When tickets are closed a popup asks for the reason and allows the ticket to be categorized. You can set the category at the closure of a ticket as well.

If categorization is critical in your FocalScope environment, you can enforce it as a prerequisite for closing a ticket. To set this up for a ticketbox, right click the ticketbox folder and select [Properties]. The "Folder Properties" page will load. Under the [General] tab, at the bottom of the page, tick the flag [A category must be defined when closing a ticket:].

Now your users must define a category for all tickets as they close them, which will later help you pull more accurate and detailed reports on these tickets. Let's take a look at pulling a report on categorized tickets.

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