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Email ticketing
Live chat

Call wait queues: Max queue size, wait time and failovers

Configure wait messages, max waiting times, queue size, and failover options. Tailor settings to individual call queues by location, brand, or client account.

Call monitoring 101: Listen, whisper, or barge into live calls

Call monitoring enables you to study phone interactions for training new agents, quality checks, and improving your call center service quality and customer satisfaction.

Measure CSAT and NPS via automatic post-call SMS surveys

Capture CSAT and NPS ratings through post-call SMS surveys, and incorporate findings into your daily operations to drive improvements.

Create IVRs, greetings and surveys with text-to-speech

In a few clicks, convert text to professional phone greetings, nested IVRs, FAQs and surveys using 100+ new text-to-speech languages, accents and styles.

Message customers via WhatsApp for Business integration

Leverage our new WhatsApp integration to chat with customers on the world's most popular messaging app from within FocalScope.

Translate incoming and outgoing emails with 100+ languages

Translate incoming and outgoing email tickets in the native languages of your global customers—without incurring the additional overheads.

Boost TMC productivity with Amadeus, Sabre, Travelport integrations

Travel management companies can unlock greater productivity and boost handling times via integrations with global distribution systems Amadeus, Sabre and Travelport.

6 ways to delight customers during the holiday season

Delight customers and capture peak sales by managing increased ticket volumes and service expectations during the upcoming holiday season.

Deflect tickets and automate answers with our new chatbots

Leverage our self-learning chatbots like an extra team member. Let them automate basic tasks, provide instant answers, and deflect tickets.

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