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How to check for / troubleshoot an incorrect email password

FocalScope is totally dependent on the correct credentials being provided for each email account to authenticate against the mail server and send / retrieve email messages. If the credentials of an account have been incorrectly specified, FocalScope will not be able to send / receive emails on the affected account. This article details how to troubleshoot an incorrect email password in FocalScope.



Verifying the password of an email account

  1. In the [Main menu] select [Screen > Administrator]
  2. Click the [Administration] tab
  3. Navigate to the [Email Accounts] folder and double click the affected account
  4. At the bottom of the [E-mail account Properties] window, tick the [Temporarily reveal passwords...] flag
  5. Click the topmost [Test] button and wait for the testing session to finish
  6. When the test results show, click the [Log] label (highlighted in blue) to expand a detailed log of the testing session
  7. Locate the account password in the log records and compare it to the password on the mail server (both must match for the account to function correctly in FocalScope)

Figure 1 - Verifying the email account password

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