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Create SLA Profiles

SLA profiles are created to alert you to the status of your SLA responsibilities. These alerts can be periodic reminders, warnings about approaching deadlines or even exceeded ones. SLA profiles are easily set up and offer extended capabilities for you to monitor the status of your tasks. In this lesson we briefly look at creating SLA profiles.


In the Administration screen, click on the SLA tab In the Administration pane (Highlighted). Click on the [SLA Profiles] folder in the left pane. On the right you will see previously created SLA profiles (if any). Right-click anywhere in the right pane and select [New...].


  1. Give your SLA profile a name.
  2. On the left, clicking the green [+] will let you add another SLA event, the black [X] will remove an event. Specify the number of hours messages stay in folders before they violate the SLA.
  3. Any email ticket that violates the SLA conditions will get reported to you according to the action you specified, under the "Report Action" drop down list.
  4. Depending on the condition you chose in the "Report Action" dropdown, under the "Details" dropdown, you get to select an agent's name, designate a folder or an e-mail address to send a message to.
  5. On the right, clicking the green [+] will let you add another SLA action, the black [X] will remove an action. Events can have multiple actions to make them very flexible

When you are done configuring your SLA profile, click [Ok].

Your new SLA profile is shown in the right pane. To delete any profile, simply right click that profile and select [Delete].

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