Boost your customer service excellence with email ticketing software

Simple yet powerful email ticketing software that helps you prioritise, distribute, track and resolve emails. FocalScope makes it a breeze for you to provide great customer service at scale.

Mountains of emails? We say, bring it on.

A workspace that sparks joy

Help agents respond on time, every time

In FocalScope, new emails are automatically assigned a ticket number, and all related correspondences are threaded for easy tracking. At a glance, agents can see who is working on which tickets in shared mailboxes, which adds accountability while preventing duplicate work.

When it comes to resolving tickets, agents are equipped with features like quick-reply, canned messages, and FocalScope’s universal customer card, so they can tackle high volume inboxes with ease.

Agents can also merge related tickets, or split up complex ones into sub-tickets and pull in relevant colleagues. For quick discussions, or during shift handovers, agents can leave internal notes on individual tickets, or chat with team members using FocalScope chat.

Modernise workflows with automation

Optimise daily operations 

With FocalScope’s intelligent routing and ticket queues, every ticket is accounted for, and automatically distributed to the right agent based on priority, skills, availability, and many more. This saves time from manually sorting and distributing high volumes of emails one by one.

FocalScope also allows managers to define precise SLA controls. For instance, they can set time-based rules, and schedule warning alerts at specific intervals. Near deadlines, tickets can be auto-escalated to a quick-response team, ensuring that SLAs are always met.

Managers are also equipped with live dashboards and reporting features, which help them to surface bottlenecks, adjust routing methodologies, identify training opportunities, and more. With access to over 70 best-practice Excel reports, managers can gain insights from ticket traffic, agent performance and customer satisfaction.

Download FocalScope mobile app

Do everything in one place, mobile or desktop

FocalScope can be run in a web browser, desktop app or mobile app, allowing agents to access all channels conveniently in one place, and respond to customers while working remotely or on the go.

The FocalScope app is available for both iOS and Android phones, and can be downloaded for free. Similar to the web version, agents can use the app to resolve tickets, add internal notes, and more. They may also receive push notifications on their phones, alerting them to urgent customer requests.

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SLA compliance

FocalScope is the go-to software in the market for ticketing helpdesk and support software.

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Ever-evolving building blocks for success

FocalScope’s email ticketing software is constantly updated with new features that you love.

Customer card

Get a 360-degree view of prior interactions with each customer across any channel. Emails, live chats voice calls or social media – FocalScope will connect and display all your messages. 

Ticket queues

Email tickets are automatically distributed to agents based on priority, agent availability, skills and more. Just define priority, round-robin or skills-based queues and FocalScope will do the rest.

Measure SLA

Define SLAs policies based on your customers’ needs. Configure alerts so FocalScope will warn you ahead of time, and ensure your SLAs are always met. Measure performance using reporting features. 


Customise your dashboard using pre-built templates. Get real-time insights on your team’s performance using live data such as average response times, customer wait times and backlogs etc. 


Customise reports according to your business needs. Download or schedule them to be automatically sent to your mailbox. Reports are Excel-based for easy analysis. 


Connect your favorite business apps like Shopify, Magento2 etc. Display relevant customer data like open orders and purchase history within FocalScope.

Shared inbox

Allows teams and managers to have full transparency and collaborate effectively. Just define a common ticket folder structure and you are ready to go.

Collision alert

When a user is responding to an email, it will instantly be locked to prevent duplicate work. Others can view but cannot respond to the same email. 

Email threading

Emails under the same ticket ID are automatically threaded. When resolved, the thread will be closed and reopened when a new email is received.


Auto-filter emails

Create rules to sort emails using keywords in both the email title and body message. Thereafter, tickets can be automatically prioritised, assigned, or moved. 

Consolidated view

Consolidate multiple inboxes into a single, combined virtual view for quick overview and easy responses.

Personalised view

Declutter your FocalScope workspace using sub menus to display only relevant folders. Can be configured for personal or team view. 


Internal notes

Add internal notes to a ticket to provide additional context, reminders or updates with the team. Notes are visible again when closed tickets are reopened.

Ticket activity log

Tracks all interactions including timestamps, user assignments, open/close statuses for a clean audit trail. Includes internal notes. Hover to view entire ticket history.

Categorise tickets

Organise your inbox with labels. Get a pulse on what kinds of tickets are coming in. Run reports for deeper category analytics.

Merge and split tickets

Divide or combine tickets according to the situation. Great for complex situations requiring various parties. 

Global search emails

Use keywords to search for specific emails across all accessible inboxes with one click. 

Search attachments

Search feature also scans within attachments for added convenience. Multiple file types are supported, e.g. Doc, Excel, PowerPoint, PDF.


Quick reply

Use quick reply to type email replies directly without opening a new window. Leverage keyboard shortcuts to use canned messages or attach an internal note.


Canned responses

Create canned response templates for commonly used text formats. Allows agents to respond quickly, professionally and accurately.


Auto response

Create auto-reply templates and configure when you want them sent e.g. confirmation receipts, out of office, public holidays etc. 

Recurring tickets

Schedule recurring tickets for recurring daily, weekly, or monthly activities. Assign to respective users for their action. 


Follow-up reminders

Set a follow-up reminder on emails and receive pop-up notifications for when the time comes.

Agent online status

Agent availability status is visible across all channels. Supervisors can shift agents around to balance the workload as required.


Internal chat

Leverage FocalScope’s internal chat for quick realtime discussions. Chat history will automatically be recorded and attached to the respective ticket.

Training mode

Assign new users under training mode, which enables assigned supervisors to review and approve all email responses before sending. 

Personal email boxes

Using Outlook? Connect personal email accounts to avoid switching between Outlook and FocalScope.

Email signatures

Import existing or create new signatures. Group signatures are also supported, where individual user’s details e.g. name, photo, phone are automatically filled. 

Send SMS

Open up a two-way SMS channel with your customers. Great for appointment reminders, receipts, and confirmations. Mass SMS is also supported.

Send mass emails

Allows users to send mass emails directly from FocalScope without having to use external mail services.


Get customer feedback

Customise built-in survey form templates to gather customer insights. Supervisors receive automatic alerts for feedback with low scores.

Save files in FocalScope

Upload, share and manage files securely within the FocalScope server. Send large files to your customers via a download link.

Drag/drop attachments

Copy and paste, or drag and drop files into your email editor and they will be attached. 

Auto email archiving

Set your email retention policy in FocalScope and all messages will be archived / removed accordingly.


Spell checker

Email editor includes a spell checker, so agents can fix highlighted mistakes prior to sending it out.  


Auto translate

Users can reply emails in their native language, and have it translated to the customers preferred language with one click.

30+ language pack

Choose from more than 30 languages to run FocalScope in.

Spam filter

Automatically guards all inboxes against spam mail. Override this action by clicking unspam. 

Mobile app

Leverage FocalScope mobile app to manage emails on the go. Users can also add notes and assign tickets on mobile. Push notifications are also supported.

Let’s get technical

Email protocols

IMAP, POP3, SMTP, Microsoft Graph API for Mail, Gmail OAuth2 for IMAP/SMTP are supported by FocalScope.

Office365 Rest API

Leverage Microsoft Office365 Native Rest API to be granted access to both personal and shared mailboxes on Office365.

Single sign-on

FocalScope supports pre-verification of user accounts and password against your Active Directory user database.

Granular user access

Enables administrator to specify individual user access to different features and delegate privileges.

Two-factor authentication

Enable two-factor authentication (2FA) for an extra layer of security.

IP restrictions

FocalScope can be configured to only allow access from specific IP address ranges you define. These restrictions can be applied to all users or only selected users.

Take emails to the next level

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