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FocalScope Streamlines Your Customer Service With Email Tickets And Workflow.

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Organize your Team Inbox

Seriously Good Customer Support With FocalScope

FocalScope’s shared ticket email inbox enables your team to collaborate and resolve cases without you worrying about multiple agents responding to the same email ticket. FocalScope agent collision alert eliminate duplicate work. Define a common ticket folder structure for your team and you are ready to go. You can easily prioritize and flag important email tickets. Use ticket on-hold function for follow up and reminders. Transfer tickets between folders seamlessly using drag & drop. It is so simple to get started and you will benefit right away.

Threaded Email Conversations

Get A Clean Inbox With FocalScope Email Threading

FocalScope automatically threads back-and-forth email messages under the same ticket id. Agents can view the ticket as a single record on the screen or expand the ticket to display the underlying emails. It is a simple and efficient way of managing your email inbox. Once a ticket is resolved it will be removed from the inbox together with the linked email thread. In the event of new incoming email for an already resolved ticket, the FocalScope system will re-open the ticket with the entire history. Agents can mouse-over the ticket to view the ticket activity history. All events get recorded automatically for tickets and agents.

Smart Email Signatures

Setup Professional Signatures In FocalScope

In FocalScope it is easy to import your existing signature from Microsoft Outlook or any other email program. Alternatively, you can also create new signatures within FocalScope. We support personal signatures as well as group signatures. For the group signatures we have enabled placeholder fields to be merged into the signature that is appended at the end of all outgoing emails. This makes the process easy for you. You can insert place holders fields such as: agent name, title, phone number, picture, chat link and more. It is all very simple and straightforward.

Setup Personal Email Accounts

Bring It All Together In FocalScope!

It is your choice! You can bring over your agents personal email accounts to FocalScope. We do not limit you! For each agent you can setup as many personal email accounts as you like. Each personal email account will be connected with the appropriate signature. It is simple and your agents will not waste time switching between Outlook and FocalScope. From ground up the FocalScope system is fully multi brand supported. Run your customer service for all your brands in one software application.

Create Rules To Filter Emails

Automatically Sorting Of Emails In FocalScope

Every email that comes into FocalScope can automatically be scanned for keywords in both email header and body. Based on the results email can automatically be prioritized, moved to a specific folder, color-coded and assigned to an agent. Email rules can be enabled for shared email ticket folders as well personal email accounts folders. We keep a detailed ticket activity log for each ticket so it is easy to trace back why a specific email rule was triggered. To ensure maximum flexibility we also allow agents to manually move tickets or change priority. All agent activities also get recorded in the ticket activity log. Let FocalScope help your organization to manage your inbox better.

Agent-to-Agent Chat

Discover the benefits of FocalScope Chat!

FocalScope is a great tool for real-time communication and collaboration. The Agent-To-Agent Chat feature enables a user to initiate a chat session with another user inside FocalScope.  The chat session will automatically be recorded and attached to the internal notes on the ticket. Using FocalScope Agent-To-Agent Chat makes team work simpler, pleasant, and more productive. Also, agents can chat with online visitors coming to your website.

Canned Email Response Templates

Speed up your response time using email templates!

Create a library of predefined email templates known as canned responses. This will enable agents to quickly and consistently reply to commonly asked questions by customers. Save an email as a canned response and use it over and over again without needing to copy and paste into a new window.
SLA time, assigned agent, ticket status and ticket number can automatically be communicated to the customer using FocalScope auto reply email functionality.

Canned Response Templates FocalScope
Unlimited Canned Response Templates
Place holder Fields
Auto Reply Emails
Quick Template Lookup

Let Your Agents Work Smarter !

Boost Your Customer Support Team’s Engagement and Productivity with FocalScope

Agent Collision Alert

This feature prevents agents from trying to attend to the same ticket concurrently. The first agent to attend to the ticket will lock it and it will instantly be visible to other agents.

Internal Notes on Ticket

FocalScope lets you add internal notes to a ticket only visible to other agents, and not the ticket requester. Add comments and share progress updates with the team.

Ticket Activity Log

Ticket activity log gives you the perfect audit trail. The activity log records all agent and ticket interactions. You can trace back the entire ticket history with a single click.

Schedule Recurring Tickets

You might have daily, weekly or monthly activities you want selected agents to carry out. FocalScope can automatically create recurring tickets and assign them to agents accordingly.

Global Search

The powerful global search can be used to deeply search and scan the database for specific keywords. You will no longer struggle to find what you are looking for.

Lookup Customer Data

Without any coding you can connect your ERP or CRM system in FocalScope. Agents can with a single click inside FocalScope lookup customer information Quick and Easy.

Personalized Ticket Views

The agents can easily personalize the ticket views to individual preference. FocalScope will remember the settings. Add bookmarks to gain quick access to favourite folders.

Agent Training Mode

When a new agents' account is placed in training mode, a supervisor is assigned as the reviewer. All email responses from the new agent will be routed to the supervisor for approval.

Undo Button

An easily available undo button in the FocalScope toolbar makes it easy to roll-back mistakes made by the agents. It is that simple and agents will love it.

Label Tickets with Categories

You can categorize your tickets with labels. At a glance you can see what types of tickets are coming into your folders. Run reports to see the category statistics.

Follow Up Reminders

Improve the follow up process and impress your customers. To help agents follow up on important tickets, use triggers to create popup reminders to notify the agents.

Customize Ticket Status

By default FocalScope offers the following status options: open, re-opened, on hold and closed. You can extent this feature to create your own customized status options.

Agent Productivity

Auto-Complete Email Address

Send Mass Email

Drag & Drop File Attachments

Merge and Split Tickets

SPAM Filter

Spell Checker

Web Technology

30+ Language Pack

IMAP, POP3 & SMTP enabled

Granular User Access

Single Sign-on with AD

Apps and Integration

Built on Microsoft SQL

Flexible Pricing Plans!

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Measure Service Level Agreements

Ensure fast agent response time with SLA.

SLA Capabilities FocalScope
Define unlimited SLA policies
Define SLA business hours and calendars
Define SLA based on customers, customer groups and folders
Get early SLA alerts
Measure SLA performance in reporting

Make sure your team work efficiently and reply to emails based on the SLA priorities. The flexible SLA feature in FocalScope allows you to calculate SLA based on customer and case severity.  FocalScope help you to exceed customers’ expectations.

Email Response Time

Your customers do not like to wait!

Thanks to smartphones in our pockets, our emails are now mobile. When it comes to email response times, the customer expects a fast turnaround time because of this online availability at your fingertips. So what is an appropriate response time to email? That is a good question and it really depends on the industry. The fact is the customer expectation is accelerating.
At FocalScope we strongly believe that fast response time is the key to drive customer satisfaction. Let FocalScope helpdesk system reduce your email response time. We measure the results and deliver to you.

Email Tickets responded to within 2 hours 0
Email Tickets responded to within 6 hours 0
Email Tickets responded to within 24 hours 0
Email Tickets responded to within 48 hours 0

Push More Important Tickets To Agents First

Email Tickets get automatically routed to the right agent and team based on ticket and agent availability.

Define Priority, Round-Robin or Skill-based Queues to service your customers better.

Automate your workload with FocalScope Ticket Queues.

FocalScope Priority Queues automatically detect any ticket that qualifies to be treated as a priority. Hence being serviced first, you can set processing rules to scan and identify certain keywords in the email or even selected customers to qualify as priority ticket. FocalScope will prioritize and optimize the ticket queue to ensure agents stay focused on the more urgent cases.

FocalScope Round-Robin Queues is optimized to dispatch tickets to agents based on the First In First Out principle. In the event an Agent fails to respond to the ticket within the Ticket Time-out Time, FocalScope will redistribute the ticket to the next available agent. At the same time, FocalScope will also trigger a record in the ticket history log.

The objective of Skill-Based Queues in FocalScope is to match the customer email inquiry with the correct qualified Agent or Team. Using this method will help you to dispatch the ticket based on customer language, ticket severity, ticket type or customized settings. The built-in time-trigger will ensure tickets get distributed fairly among the agents filtered by the skill set.

Analyze Data in Microsoft Excel

Drill into your support team’s performance using Microsoft Excel Pivot Tables.

We have built a tight live data connection between FocalScope and Microsoft Excel, so you can quickly filter and analyze your data. We have seeded FocalScope with a complete set of best practice reports. The reports are designed to give you at-a-glance insight to activities and performance in your FocalScope system. View ticket resolution time and customer wait time reports. Track email response time and SLA performance. Analyze first-touch, multi-touch and agent performance reports. You can also customize the reports. Best of all you can schedule all the reports to be delivered to your inbox automatically.

Dashboard and Analytics

Get an instant and real-time insight to your workload. Measure agent performance. Use built-in filters to analyze the data. Set your targets and let FocalScope alert you.

Create Your Own Dashboards

You can pick your preferred dashboards from the pre-loaded library. You can also customize and build your own Dashboards using the templates. It is simple and all in real-time.

Share Results With The Organization

We understand the importance of sharing performance results with the bigger organization. Therefore you can publish Dashboards to public websites. No extra license required.

Download FocalScope App

Enjoy freedom from the office when using FocalScope’s free native app for Android and iPhone. Agents can clean up their ticket queues. Reply to emails, add internal notes and assign tickets right from your mobile device. Best of all it, the app supports push notifications and instant sync with FocalScope.
FocalScope also has a web-based version that can be used to access your helpdesk system directly from the browser on any device. Mac, PC and mobile devices supported.


Optimize Customer Service with FocalScope

A one stop customer service software to handle all your support tickets across channels. Measure and track agent performance and SLA for your team to deliver better customer support.

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