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Adding a new Ticket Folder

Ticketboxes are folders which are task specific. They contain information relating to departments or categories you may have in your organization, e.g. billing, sales, support or department names and even multinational branches.

  1. In the Administration screen, click on the second tab at the bottom of the left pane, to manage ticketboxes.
  2. Expand the [Share Items] node. It will show the list of shared items including the [Ticketboxes] folder.


Expand the [Ticketboxes] node. This will display the list of existing ticketboxes on the right pane (if any). The "Attributes" column indicates whether the folder is visible in the folder tree on the left pane. To hide or unhide, double click on "visible" or "hidden".

Right click on the [Ticketboxes] folder in the left pane and then click on [New...].

  1. Under the "General Properties" section, enter the name and description for the new ticketbox. Next, check the checkbox if you want this folder to be hidden from the tree by default. Users have to manually set the attribute to "visible" by double clicking the attribute in the "ticketbox" folder...
  2. Click [Ok] to create the new ticketbox. To customize your ticketbox, see the lesson Customize a Ticketbox.

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