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How to download FocalScope reports from report notifications

The new FocalScope reporting engine was specially designed to improve usability, functionality, and the distribution of FocalScope reports. This article details how to download delivered FocalScope reports in various file formats as well as how to manually generate reports in the Shared reports folder.



Accessing reports from report notifications

Report notifications always include a URL to the report, or a file attachment (if configured in the report schedule). Once you receive a report notification, you can either preview the report in the Report viewer, or download the report in .xslx.pdf,.doc, or .xml format for viewing and manipulation in third-party tools, such as Excel, Word, and Adobe Acrobat Reader.

  • To preview a report in the Report viewer, click [Preview]

Figure 1 - Previewing a report

  • To download a report in .xlsx.pdf, or.doc format, click the respective [Static Excel][PDF], or [Word] button

Figure 2 - Downloading a report in .xlsx.pdf, or .doc format

  • To download a report in .xml format, click [OData]and then click [Download Report]

    Figure 3 - Downloading a report in .xml format

    • To download a report in live .xlsx format, click[Live Excel]and then click [Download Report]Please note, you can also specify a custom template for the report by uploading it in the [Upload a new template] field. The report data will then be represented in whatever custom tables and charts the template file contains

      Figure 4 - Downloading a report in live .xlsx format

      Manually Generating a report

      Reports can also be generated directly from the [Shared Reports] folder. To do so, follow these steps:

      1. Navigate to the [Shared Reports] folder
      2. Click the [Reports] tab (highlighted in red)
      3. In the right-hand pane, click the generate button (highlighted in blue), or click the dropdown icon to directly access the file format download options

        Figure 5 - Generating a report manually

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