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Access Standard Responses

The Standard Response library, allows users to store all templates of e-mails or responses commonly used to reply to e-mails. Thing of a information request message or a generic thank you. The [Standard responses] folders can be located under the [Shared Items] node (in the Workspace screen) as well as among an agent's personal folders. Standard Responses can also be used as Auto Responders for ticketboxes, please view the lesson Create Auto Responders to learn more.

Shared Standard Responses


In the Workspace screen expand the [Shared Items] node and click on the [Standard Responses] folder.

By default, this is where all the standard responses are stored for sharing with users who have permission to view this particular folder.

Personal Standard Responses

The "personal" standard responses folder can only be viewed by the agent or a supervisor who has the agent's folders set-up for agent views. This folder is not enabled by default. Follow the steps below to create a personal standard response folder for individualized standard responses.


On the left pane, right click on your personal folder, then select [New...]. The "Folder Properties" window will appear.


  1. Enter a name for the standard responses folder.
  2. Select the folder type "Standard Responses" from the dropdown box for the [Type:] field. Furthermore under the "Messaging configuration parameters", you can customize additional options for the folder.
  3. Click [Ok] once you are finished with your configuration.


The standard responses folder called "My Responses" has now been created among the agent's personal folders. Go to the lesson Manage Standard Responses to learn how to create or edit individual responses for your standard responses folder.

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