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How-To: How do i create new or update existing sound files?

How do i create new or update existing sound files?

Please follow the steps below to upload a new sound file or update existing sound files:

1) Go to Focalscope Telephony screen > Sounds

Create New: Right-Click anywhere on the main screen panel and choose New.

Updating: Right-click on the sound file you would like to change and choose Properties.

3) If you have multiple languages, select the sound file for the language you need to change.

Note: If you have a single language, this will not pop-out. You can ignore this step.

4) For Text to Speech

Create New: Fill up Name, Text and choose the voice.

Updating: If editing a text to speech sound file, do edit accordingly and click save.

5) For Custom files, for both New and Updating sound file, change the type to Custom file and click on browse to select the file and Save.

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