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Access and modify the Thick Client file download options

The FocalScope Thick Client's file download options control everything from which program open's a particular file type to where files are downloaded. This article details how to access and modify the Thick Client download options to tailor file download behavior to your preferences.


How to download configure and update the FocalScope Thick Client


Accessing and modifying file download options

  1. After starting the Thick Client, locate it's icon in the system tray
  2. In the [Options] window, click the [Download] icon
  3. There are three sets of download options to configure:
    1. Set 1 - controls the behavior of the download window (see Figure 2) that pops up when attachments or files are downloaded in the Thick Client
    2. Set 2 - controls download prompting and where downloaded files are to be saved (see Figure 3)
    3. Set 3 - controls the list of file types (left-hand column) and applications used to open / view each file type (right-hand-column). Please note: This list is populated when an unknown file type is opened in the Thick Client and a default application associated with the particular file type (see Figure 4). The [right-hand column] allows you to alter the application associated with a particular file type
  4. Once you have set your preferred file download options, click [Ok] to save changes

Figure 1 - Download options for Thick Client

Figure 2 - Download window

Figure 3 - 'Save file as' window

Figure 4 - File type and application association window

Configuration for unobtrusive downloading

  1. Untick all flags in file download options [set 1] (see Figure 1)
  2. Specify a download destination folder in file download options [set 2]. In most cases it is safe to use the default system 'Downloads' folder (see Figure 1)
  3. When the file [Opening 'file'] dialog is shown, please select default behavior and tick the [Do this automatically for...] checkbox (see Figure 4)

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