How to reuse FocalScope emails to answer repeat queries
Thursday, December 29, 2016 9:03 AM

If you have meticulously constructed an email with clear instructions and example images, you may wish to reuse it again in future because of the time and effort it would save you having to start from scratch. This article will detail how you can reuse any email by saving it as a Standard Response.



If required, create a new Standard Response folder as a container for reusable emails and then do the following to convert a previously sent email into a reusable Standard Response:

  1. Right click the email that you wish to reuse and in the menu select [Derive New > Standard Response]
  2. Save the new Standard Response to the placeholder Standard Response folder that you created

You can now reuse the newly saved Standard Response to reply to queries. If the message needs to be amended in any way, you can do so when you load the Standard Response as a reply to a query.

Figure 1 - Deriving a new Standard Response