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Setup Live Chat Groups

The Live Chat feature in FocalScope allows administrator to create "Chat Groups" and a web chat link will automatically be generated for the chat group. This chat link can be inserted into a website so visitors to the page can interact with FocalScope agents, simply by clicking that link. To get started, we need to create live chat groups for this purpose. This lesson shows you how to create and configure the group properties for Live Chat Groups.


In the Administration screen, expand the [Instant messaging], [Live Chat] nodes and click the [Groups] folder in the left pane. When the [Groups] folder is selected, existing chat groups are displayed in the right pane. To create a new live chat group, right click anywhere in the right pane, and select [New...].


Enter the name and description of the chat group and type a greeting message you want users to see, when they start a live chat with you.

When agents are unavailable for chat, the users will be prompted to leave an offline message. Administrators can designate a folder where offline messages are stored.

In the "Offline box" field, click on the [...] button. A "Select Folder" popup will appear with a list of ticketboxes currently in the system (as shown above, on the right). Choose the ticketbox you want the offline messages to be stored in, then click the [Ok] button.

Now, add some agents to handle this web chat group by clicking on the [Add] button. The "Select User(s)" web page dialog will appear (as shown above, on the right). To select multiple users, hold down the Ctrl key and click on the users you wish to select. Click [Ok] to confirm your selection.


You should now see the name of agents whom are assigned to the web chat group. Click [Ok] to complete the live chat group setup.

Your new web chat group is now created. You should see it on the right pane of the [Groups] folder.

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