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Jabber Contacts and Status

Jabber is an instant messaging client in FocalScope. Agents are automatically signed into Jabber each time they login to FocalScope. Jabber can also be used to monitor an agents status and timers can be configured to auto update an agents state after a period of inactivity.

Accessing Jabber


Click on the [Jabber] button located on the top menu bar of the screen

Jabber Contacts


  1. Your contacts are listed in the Contacts tab, click on the name to chat with that agent.
  2. To search for a particular agent to chat with, type in their name in the text box found at the top of the Jabber window. The results will be displayed right below the search bar.

Changing Jabber Status


  1. Using the dropdown list (beside the "add contact" button), in the Jabber window, you can set up to 6 different states for yourself in Jabber. Your contacts will know whether you are "Online", "Offline", "Away", "Not Available", "Do not Disturb" or "Free to Chat". Once you select a status, a status message dialog will appear as shown in the next screen.

Change Status Message


Type in a message for the selected status, then click [Ok].


The updated current status is displayed at the bottom right of the Agent's Screen.

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