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How does the read receipt feature work in FocalScope?

The read receipt function is a standard feature of in email clients today. Thus, FocalScope also supports it. This article details how to use the read receipt feature in FocalScope as well as how FocalScope behaves when you receive an email with this request enabled.


Tagging an email to include a read receipt

You can request someone to send you a read receipt if you are dispatching an urgent email that you want to be sure they received and read. They will receive a small pop up in their mail client asking them if they want to acknowledge having read the email. Here is how to add a read receipt' to an email in FocalScope:

  1. Compose a new message or reply to an email
  2. In the [New Message] window, click the highlighted icon in Figure 1 to include a read receipt in the email

Figure 1 - Including a read receipt in an email

How an email with a read receipt behaves in FocalScope

Similar to other email clients, FocalScope presents the user with a popup that states the request made by the sender for a read receipt

  1. Click [Ok] to send an acknowledgement to the sender that you have read their email
  2. Click [Cancel] to dismiss the alert and not send an acknowledgement to the sender
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Figure 2 - The read receipt pop up

  1. If the read receipt has been acknowledged and sent from FocalScope, the action will be recorded in the Action History log of the email
  2. If the read receipt has been rejected, it will also be recorded in the Action history log of the email

Figure 3 - Action History log showing a sent read receipt

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