Broadcast Message to Multiple Users
Monday, October 24, 2016 12:14 AM

Jabber allows you to broadcast a messages to multiple users. Follow the steps below to send a message to remind or pass an information to 2 or more agents.


Click on the [Jabber] button on the main menu toolbar of the agent's workspace.


  1. Right click on a jabber group.
  2. Select [Broadcast] to open the message broadcast window.


Type the message you wish to broadcast. Note: By default, all the users in the group will be selected, you may check or uncheck users' flags or entire groups' flags to include or exclude them from the broadcast message. Click on the [Send] button to broadcast this message to all selected users/groups.


The selected user(s) receive the broadcast message as a normal jabber message and are able to respond/acknowledge the message, saving you a lot of repetition sending it to multiple individuals.