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FocalScope-Twitter integration guide

FocalScope integrates fully with Twitter and gives you the convenience of engaging in Social Media with the simplicity of reading and responding to emails. You do not need to be a Twitter boffin to use FocalScope's Twitter integration to your company's benefit. This article details the steps you need to take to configure and enable FocalScope-Twitter integration.


A Twitter account -


Creating a folder for Twitter messages

  1. You can create a Twitter folder in both personal and shared accounts. Right click the folder under which you want to create a new Twitter folder and select [New Folder]
  2. In the [Name] field, specify a name for the Twitter folder
  3. In the [Type] field, select [Twitter] from the drop-down list
  4. Click [Ok] to create the new Twitter folder

Figure 1 - Creating a Twitter folder

Linking a Twitter account with the Twitter folder

  1. In the [Main menu], select [Screen > Administration]
  2. Click the [Advanced properties] tab and navigate to the [Integration > Twitter accounts] folder
  3. In the right-hand pane, right click and select [New]
  4. In the [Folder] field specify the newly created Twitter folder
  5. Click the [Get PIN] button and log in with your Twitter account to obtain the PIN code
  6. In the [Enter the PIN code in the field], enter the newly obtained PIN code
  7. Click the [Authorize] button to save the configuration and link your Twitter account to your FocalScope Twitter folder

Figure 2 - Linking a Twitter account to FocalScope

Authenticating FocalScope against Twitter

  1. Navigate to the [Integration > Twitter accounts > Twitter configuration] folder
  2. Click the [Obtain Consumer key and Consumer secret for FocalScope on Twitter] link and obtain the consumer key and secret to allow FocalScope to authenticate with the Twitter service
  3. Fill in the newly obtained consumer key and secret in the respective [Consumer key] and [Consumer secret] fields

Figure 3 - Authenticating FocalScope against Twitter

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