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Phone Dial Functions

Login / Logout to the phone

  1.          Pick up the handset.
  2.          Dial 777.
  3.         When prompted to key in your agent number, key in your assigned agent code followed by [ # ]
  4.          Dial 778 to logout


Setting Pause Status

  1.          Pick up the handset.
  2.          Dial 779.
  3.          Listen to options available.
  4.          Press the pause code chosen and press [ #]


Call Group Pickup

  1. Pick up the handset
  2. Dial *8#

Using The Conference Bridge

From the office phone (Internal)

  1.          Dial the conference room extension number (XXXX).
  2.          Enter the conference PIN. (Default ‘1234’)


From outside the office

  1.          Dial the conference room Direct number (ex.XXXXXXXX).
  2.          Enter the conference PIN. (Default ‘1234’)
  3.          Hang up to leave the conference.

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