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Schedule delivery and notification of a FocalScope report

The new FocalScope reporting engine was specially designed to improve usability, functionality, and the distribution of FocalScope reports. This article details the general process of scheduling a new report for delivery to one or multiple recipients via email, FocalScope alert, or FocalScope pop up.


How to create and configure a FocalScope report


Scheduling delivery of a report

Reports can be dispatched to personnel via email, alert, popup, or direct file delivery on the FocalScope server. To set up scheduled delivery for a report, do the following:

  1. Under the [Scheduled] section:
    1. Set schedule - tick this flag to access the schedule parameters for this report
    2. Recurring type - from the dropdown list, select the recurring type for schedule. Options are:
      • Non-Recurring
      • Hourly, Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Yearly
      • Every Nth (so manieth) Hour, Day, Week, Month, Year
    3. Depending on the recurring type selected, the following options may need to be specified:
      1. Interval - set this value to control the Nth variable (so manieth hour, day, week, month, year)
      2. End type - set the end condition for the report schedule. Options are:
        • Forever
        • Occurrences
        • Specific Date
    4. Start time - set the start date and time for the report schedule to start running (applicable to all recurring types)
  2. Under the [Email notification attachments] section:
    1. Attach to email - tick this flag to attach the report file to email notifications sent to personnel
    2. Format (appears when [Attach to email] flag is ticked)- from the dropdown list, select the format for the report file that will be attached to email notifications. Options are:
      • Excel
      • PDF
      • Word
      • Live Excel - a live excep report downloads the latest report data from the FocalScope server when opened. Use this format for non-recurring reports that always need to show the latest report data
      • Raw - a raw excel report contains a snapshot of the report data from the FocalScope server, and will not download the latest report data when opened. Use this option for recurring reports that contain 'date-time specific' snapshots of report data
  3. Under the [Notifications] section:
    1. Select the notification type from the notification-type dropdown list (highlighted in red). Options are:
      • Alerts Folder
      • Popup Window
      • SMS
      • Send E-mail
      • Custom - outputs report file to a specific folder on the FocalScope server, e.g., Report2Folder.exe /OutputFolder:"full-path-to-the-output-folder"
    2. Depending on the type of notification you selected, fill in the email address, name, mobile number, or system path to activate the notification. (All notification types except [Custom] can have multiple recipients.) Please note, multiple notification types can be configured
    3. Click [Save]to save the report and activate its schedule

Figure 1 - Report scheduled delivery

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