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Dial Groups

Call Flow - Dial Groups

To modify or create new Dial Groups, go to Call Flow > Dial Groups in the telephony Menu

General Tab

Both creating new and editing will open a popup screen. There are a few fields to fill in.

  • Name: Name of the dial group

  • Greeting: Optional recording to play before calling the group.

  • Dial mode: Sequential – Rings from the list from top to bottom. Concurrent - Ring all members at the same time.

  • Default member timeout: Number of seconds to ring member. If set to Sequential, it will ring each member for 15 sec. If set to Concurrent, it will ring all members for 15 sec.

  • Description: Optional field to add notes or give more information regarding the group settings.


  • Group Members: from the 1st option, you can choose the member to be an agent, external number or another group. When choosing number, the number can be an external number to dial out to. (for example a hand phone number). You can select to confirm pickup where are external number will need to press 1 to confirm before the answering the call. You can override the default timeout with a new duration for ringing for each individual member.

Reference Tab

You will be able to see where the dial group has been referenced from.

The above shows that the dial group has been referenced from an IVR menu and also a dial script.

Preview Tab

Preview tab will show a preview for configuration that is currently set.

Permissions Tab

To manage an agent's permission, follow the steps below: 

1) Go to Telephony > Call Flow > Dial Groups.

2) Right click on the Dial Group and select Properties.

3) Click on the Permissions Tab

To grant a permission to another user / group to access perform certain function related to ring group you are modifying, press the “+Add” button. Fill in the text field with the Focalscope user or group. You can select to allow or deny permission for each of the below function.

  • Manage: Ability to modify agent’s configuration.

  • Browse: Ability to see the agent’s personal call log.

  • Download: Ability to download the agent’s call recordings.

  • Whisper: Ability to perform whisper and barge on the agent's call.

  • Listen: Ability to listen to an agent’s conversation.

Properties Tab

You will be able to assign categories properties to a call that is answered by the dial group. The above shows an example of a call that is answered by the dial group member and is tagged with the department=sales.

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