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How to display a completed survey form in a survey alert

Survey alerts are great for keeping track of the quality of your customer service and/or customer support. This article details how a survey form (as completed by a customer) can be embedded in a survey alert Standard Response.


Showing the survey form results in the survey-form alert 

Continuing from this article, the survey form (as submitted by the customer) can be embedded in the survey alert Standard Response using a placeholder. Use the placeholder as follows:

  1. Compose a Standard Response to serve as the template for the survey alert
  2. Embed the %LINKED FORM% placeholder in the Standard Response where you wish the survey form to appear
  3. When a customer completes a survey form and the conditions for dispatching a survey alert are met, the supervisor will see the survey form as in Figure 1

Figure 1 - The %LINKED FORM% placeholder in action

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