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How to add the agent's picture in the signature

FocalScope allows to have the picture added to the agent's signature, both when the agent replies from his own email or using a common one.

In order to have the picture of the agent added to the signature the foto needs to be uploaded in the system and then attached to a signature.


Uploading an agent's photo to FocalScope

  1. In the [main menu], select [Screen > Administrator]
  2. Click the [Administration] tab
  3. Navigate to the [User Access Control > User] folder
  4. Right-click on an agent's name and select [Properties]
  5. In the [User properties] page, click the [Photo] tab
  6. Click the [...] button next to the [File] field and select the agent's photo
  7. Click [Ok] to save changes
  8. Make sure the picture is 105x170 pixels. If not the case it is advisable to format the picture before uploading it so it has maximum 105x170 pixels.
  9. Continued in next section...

Figure 1 - Uploading an agent's photo

Attach the agent's picture to the signature

In a existing signature or in a new one a Place Holder [%USER PICTURE%] is used for linking the user's picture to the signature. This way every agent that has the picture uploaded into FocalScope and uses the signature with the placeholder will have his picture inserted in the signature.

  1. Create a new signature of modify an existing one
  2. In the [signature menu], select [Insert]
  3. Click the [Placeholder...] tab
  4. In the list of Placeholders select [%USER PICTURE%]
  5. Once you reply to an email the picture of the agent will be displayed.

Figure 2 - Accessing placeholders inside the signature menu

Figure 3 - Selecting the %USER PICTURE% place holder

Figure 4 - Signature example with  %USER PICTURE% place holder

Figure 5 - How the above signature with the agent's picture looks

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