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How to run the Setup Wizard on established FocalScope instances

The initial configuration for new FocalScope instances is done through the Setup Wizard. What is not commonly known is that the Setup Wizard can be used to create user and email accounts on established FocalScope instances. This article details how to run the Setup Wizard on demand.


The Setup Wizard is mostly used for configure a fresh FocalScope instance or create new accounts, but it can also be used to update existing configurations. The Setup Wizard does not retrieve the existing configuration, but any information entered that matches uniquely identifiable information of the existing configuration, will update the corresponding parameters. It is generally recommended that you update existing configurations using the workspace and administrative configuration tools.

Please notethe Setup Wizard can only be accessed and launched by administrators.

  1. Log into FocalScope using an account with administrator privileges
  2. In the [Main menu], select [Configuration > Setup Wizard]
  3. The Setup Wizard is self explanatory, simply follow the on-screen instructions

Figure 1 - Launching the Setup Wizard

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