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Accessing emails of deleted users in FocalScope

As employees leave your company, you may decide to delete their FocalScope user account. In most systems, this would mean the deletion of every email in that user's account. In FocalScope, it is possible to access the emails of a deleted user account, in the event that you need to refer to a past interaction or incident with a customer. This article details how you can give individual administrators access rights to deleted user accounts, as well as how to view and recover emails from these deleted accounts.


Giving an administrator special access to deleted users' emails

  1. In the [Main menu], select [Screen > Administration]
  2. Click the [Administration] tab
  3. Navigate to the [User Access Control > Security Policies] folder
  4. Double-click the  [Access profiles of deleted users] policy
  5. In the [Policy Properties] dialog, click [Add] and select one or more administrator accounts. Please note, ONLY administrators accounts can access deleted user accounts if they have the [Access profiles of deleted users] privilege
  6. Click [OK] to save the changes made
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Figure 1 - Giving an administrator special privileges

  1. In the [Main menu], select [Action > Reload UI]. This will allow the new [Access to profiles of deleted users] tab to be shown in the [Administration] screen

Figure 2 - Reloading the user interface

Accessing and relocating deleted users' emails

  1. In the [Administration] screen, click the [Access to profiles of deleted users] tab (highlighted)
  2. Navigate to the [Agent Views > Deleted User Account > Incoming] folder
  3. Click the email you wish to read and proceed to relocate it using one of the following methods:
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Figure 3 - A deleted user's personal folders

Saving deleted users' emails as .eml files

Please note, FocalScope does not natively handle .eml files. However, these .eml files can be opened in most email clients (e.g., Outlook) and then sent to FocalScope as a new email.

  1. Click on the email you wish to save as an .eml file
  2. In the message preview box, click the [down arrow] button (highlighted) and select [Save As E-mail (*.eml)]
  3. The .eml file can be opened in another email client and sent to FocalScope as a new email

    Figure 4 - Saving an email as a .eml file

    Moving deleted users' emails to other folders in FocalScope

    1. Right click an email and select [Move]
    2. In the [Select Folder] dialog, select which FocalScope folder to move the email to and click [OK]

    Figure 5 - Moving an email to a different folder

    Forwarding deleted users' emails to other email accounts in FocalScope

    Please note, forwarding will only work if the following conditions are met:

    1. Administrator's account must have access to the corresponding folder configured in the folder security settings
    2. The deleted user's account still has its original email account active on the mail server
    To forward an email, do the following:

    • Right click an email and select [Forward], specify your forwarding option and send the email as you normally would

    Figure 6 - Forwarding an email to another email account

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