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Why is a recalled message assigned a different ticket number?

When you use Microsoft Exchange and send an email to another Microsoft Exchange email account, you have the ability to recall a message in certain email clients, such as Microsoft Outlook. This article will detail why recalled emails in FocalScope have a different ticket number than the replacement email.

Applicable To

FocalScope instances that receive recalled messages from and Exchange server.


FocalScope associates an email with an existing ticket number based on the following:

  • The in-reply-to and reference information in the header
  • The ticket number embedded into the subject line of the email

Because a recalled email does not contain the above information, FocalScope will assign it a new ticket number. This behavior is by design and perfectly normal. Agents can manually merge recalled emails to the appropriate ticket by using the drag and drop action.

Please note, the recall function is specific to MS Outlook & Exchange server. It is not part of Internet standards for emails and is not supported by FocalScope. After an email has been sent from FocalScope, it's not possible to revoke it!

To locate and merge a recalled email with a ticket, do the following:

  1. In the [Main toolbar], click the [Find] button
  2. Enter the subject name of the recalled email in the [Subject] field
  3. Use the [Process] button in the finder tool--instead of the [Search] button--to process your search query
  4. You can drag and drop the recalled message to the appropriate ticket (giving it the desired ticket number)

Figure 1 - Merging disparate tickets

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