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Overview of IMAP IDLE in FocalScope

FocalScope takes full advantage of IMAP IDLE to give you the fastest delivery time for incoming emails. IMAP IDLE allows the server to pass new incoming email to FocalScope without FocalScope having to ping the server to check for new emails. The direct advantage of using IMAP IDLE in FocalScope is that you don't have the mandatory 2-5 minute delays as is experienced when POP3 is used to retrieve new emails from the mail server.



Configuring IMAP IDLE for an email account

Please noteIMAP IDLE is enabled by default for all email accounts that use IMAP. The steps in this article should only be used to troubleshoot cases where FocalScope and the mail server cannot negotiate the email delivery or to configure new / existing email accounts to use IMAP.

  1. In the [Main menu], select [Screen > Administration]
  2. Click the [Administration] tab
  3. Navigate to the [E-mail Accounts] folder
  4. In the right-hand pane, right click the email account that you want to enable IMAP IDLE for and select [Properties]

Figure 1 - Email accounts configured in FocalScope

  1. Please note, you need to ensure that you mail server has been configured to use IMAP for the account(s) that are to use IMAP IDLE
  2. In the [General] tab of the [E-mail account Properties] window, set the [Account type] option to [IMAP]
  3. Continued in next section...

    Figure 2 - Configuring an email account to use IMAP

    1. In the [E-mail accounts Properties] window, click the [Advanced] tab
    2. Make sure the [Enable IMAP IDLE] flag is switched on
    3. Click [Ok] to save the changes made

      Figure 3 - Enabling IMAP IDLE

      1. To verify the operation of IMAP IDLE, you can access the [E-mail Account Properties] page after 1-3 minutes and click the [Status] tab. It should show [(waiting for new emails...)] if IMAP IDLE is active

      Figure 4 - Verifying IMAP IDLE operation

      Monitoring IMAP IDLE operations

      You can get an overview of the status and operation of all email accounts (including IMAP IDLE-enabled ones) by doing the following:

      1. In the [Main menu], select [Screen > Administration]
      2. Click the [Administration] tab
      3. Navigate to the [Email status & error reporting > Email status & errors] folder
      4. In the right-hand pane you can see the status and operation of all email accounts in your FocalScope instance

      Figure 5 - Monitoring email account status and operation

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