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How to configure and use Virtual Search folders

FocalScope Virtual Search folders are designed to help you effortlessly access the results from your most frequently used search criteria. Virtual Search folders look like any other folder / ticketbox in FocalScope and can be configured for both personal and shared email. This article details how you can create and configure Virtual Search folders to help you rapidly access and interact with emails matching specific search criteria.


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Creating a new Virtual Search folder

Virtual Search folders can be created as subfolders under shared or personal folders. Virtual Search folders are persistent and will reflect emails matching their specified search filters. Please notematching emails are not actually moved into the Virtual Search folders, they are simply 'mirrored' instances (no duplication occurs). Virtual Search folders can operate system-wide or on specific ticketboxes, depending on your needs.

  1. Right click a ticketbox and select [New Folder]
  2. In the [Folder Properties] window, type in the folder [Name] and set the [Type] to [E-mail Search Folder]
  3. Click the [Edit Query] button
  4. Continued in next section...

Figure 1 - Adding a new Virtual Search folder

Configuring the new Virtual Search folder

  1. In the [Finder Tool] dialog, specify the search criteria by which to filter tickets. Emails that match the search criteria will be 'mirrored' to the Virtual Search folder
  2. For this example Virtual Search folder, the logic reads:
    1. Mirror emails that are inside the Shared Items/Ticketboxes/1.0 Billing folder
    2. which come from
    3. which were sent to
    4. within the last week - please notethe date and time frame can be set very specifically, so try out the various date settings and combinations
    5. filter by the email received timestamp
    6. for emails that are part of open tickets
    7. for emails that are part of unassigned tickets
    8. and only for incoming emails
  3. Each Virtual Search folder can only have one set of search criteria, but you can cascade multiple Virtual Search folders that subdivide into different search criteria. For example, you could set up a chain of Virtual Search folders that each search for emails that are in a variety of states, for varying periods of time
  4. Click [Ok] when done configuring the search criteria
  5. Back on the [Folder Properties] window, click [Ok] to create the folder as per your configuration
  6. Continued in next section...

Figure 2 - Configuring the Virtual Search folder's search criteria

Using the new Virtual Search folder

Please note, Virtual Search folders only support the plain view in the message-list view. Also, no folder statistics can be generated for Virtual Search folders, as the emails displayed within them actually reside elsewhere in the system.

  1. Once the Virtual Search folder is created it will take just a few seconds to display the matching emails. There is no need to refresh or update the view to see the latest matching emails--this will happen automatically and in real time
  2. You can interact with emails exactly as you do in other ticketboxes
  3. Should you wish to adjust the search criteria for the Virtual Search folder, simply right click it and select [Properties]
    1. In the [Folder Properties] window, click [Edit Query]

Figure 3 - Interaction with emails in a Virtual Search folder

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